Sandpoint Clinic

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New Patients

We always offer a FREE consultation.

We always offer a FREE consultation. During this visit, we will be collecting information from you regarding the problems you are experiencing. We will then take this information and add it to any preexisting information you bring to us, such as x-rays or MRI's. From this, we will determine if you have a problem we can help you with.

We are very confident in the work that we do and we know that our rehabilitation is effective for many different conditions. As a result, before we accept any new patient, we want to ensure that they have a condition we can treat.

If we accept you as a patient, our program consists of specific active rehabilitation therapy utilizing special Pneumex equipment that helps to stretch, strengthen, relax and activate specific muscle groups.

We continue the strengthening process with a home exercise program that facilitates and holds the changes made during the rehabilitation process and have professional, licensed fitness trainers on staff to help our patients maintain optimum health.

We sincerely desire to help our patients make the BEST choices for their health and have the tools to get them there.


We welcome all members of your family.  Our programs assist toddlers to seniors.

If we feel that a patient has something we cannot help them with, we will let them know immediately. Our goal is to inform and educate everybody who comes through our doors, and there is never any cost or charge for that.

If you are experiencing headaches all the time it may be more than just a simple problem. We will do a full examination to determine the cause of the problem.