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Patients Speak Out

We love our patients!  They have great things to say.  At PneuThera Spine and Sport we work hard to make their time with us special.


I was unable to lie on either my back or stomach. Walking was agony and swimming was impossible. After coming to PneuThera Spine and Sport, I can now lie comfortably and I'm planning to swim again in the Pacific. I'm able to walk to my mailbox -something I haven't been able to do for over two years. My gratitude to the crew of Faster is boundless. You have changed my life!
Marilyn Dalby


In late December, I herniated two discs but didn't really know that I did until February. I'm a school teacher and coach, I was at school and pain shot down my leg and it never went away until now. I tried a therapy session, at PneuThera Spine and Sport , and it took the pain away and it hasn't come back since. I have NO pain! Now I am able to have my life back and I can't tell you how much I appreciate it.
Jason DeRose


Before coming into PneuThera Spine and Sport , my left leg hurt so bad that I had NO WILL to do anything! Since coming in, I swing through life. I have picked over 15 gallons of strawberries in the last week and a half. I can now get on to my horse without having to use my hand to lift my leg into the stirrup and I DON'T HURT!!!
Gloria Roop


Before coming to PneuThera Spine and Sport, I had VERY Significant muscle, balance and strength loss as well as numbness in both feet. After three weeks, all aspects of ill well-being have significantly improved well beyond my expectations. The staff is very encouraging, helpful and knowledgeable. I am a firm believer in this program and can't wait for my six months of workouts to see where I am.
Jim Lippi


When I came to FASTER, I was having back pain that prevented me from going about my daily activities. I was looking at the possibility of surgery.  FASTER gave me another option and took the pain away immediately. I now have a long term plan and feel that we have treated the cause and not just the symptoms. Thank you FASTER team.   
John Knowles


I have had a severe lumbar vertebra displacement for over two years.  My doctor had sent me to therapy two different times and I had no improvement or relief from the pain. I was waking up with so much pain in my left hip and down my leg I could barely get out of bed. Most days I could barely function, getting in and out of a vehicle was excruciating.  My doctor started giving me cortisone injections every few months just to reduce some of the pain and swelling although the last injection I got did not help. My doctor suggested I contact the Fast Center before resorting to surgery.   After I contacted the Fast Center and started therapy I was nearly pain free after about two weeks. Within a month I was completely pain free. I have had one setback after helping with some heavy lifting and straining but that was resolved in about a week.   Also I have had numerous surgeries on my right ankle due to a severe  auto accident in 1990. The last surgery being an ankle joint replacement. Since starting therapy I have noticed improved range of motion and more stability on my ankle.   I have and would recommend the Fast Center for rehabilitation therapy, especially if other treatments have not helped or only given temporary relief.
Agnes Trapp