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Our Friendly Staff

Our staff is super!  Not only are they caring professionals...They are fun and enjoy their work. 

Lyle Harder – Physical Therapist

A Physical Therapist in the field for 32 years, Lyle’s focus has been on orthopedic and work related injuries and rehabilitation.  He enjoys the challenge of on-going assessment and problem solving so that the highest level of function can be reached.  Looking at the whole person is also valuable in maximizing a full recovery.


 Lisa Paull, Clinic Manager

Lisa is a certified personal trainer and has worked with the Pneumex Sports Performance and Rehabilitation programs and equipment for over 12 years.  She strives to treat the whole person with her hands-on, personalized approach to wellness and fitness.  Fitness and Sports Training Certified.


 Steven Tyson, Personal Trainer CPT, CPR

Steve believes that the key component of health and fitness is an integrated approach. He is an accomplished marathon runner and tri athlete. Certified massage therapist, NASM Personal Trainer, Fitness and Sports training certified.


Preston Lasley, Athletic Trainer 

Preston is a certified athletic trainer licensed through the Idaho State Board of Medicine.  He is currently obtaining a masters degree in sports conditioning and sports performance.  Preston has worked at the college level and is currently the head AT at Sandpoint High School.  He believes in a modernized, hands-on approach to fitness and rehab and is always open to new approaches. 

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